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Amanda Waring Heart of Care foundation

Amanda’s charity foundation is to support projects that enhance the dignity of others as well as providing education and guidance on assisting those with dementia and at end of life. The dream is to ultimately set up Heart of care centres throughout the uk that provide a unique healing environment for the  care of the emotional and spiritual needs of others.

The care of the elderly is now one of the most pressing issues in our society (set to become yet more vital as the population ages). After experiencing the dreadful way her mother, the acclaimed actress Dame Dorothy Tutin, was treated in hospital at the age of 70 Amanda Waring has campaigned for the dignified care of older people and that they are treated with kindness and compassion. Through her work as a filmmaker, public speaker and trainer Amanda has sought to provide solutions to the crisis in our care of the elderly.

The Carer’s Bible I am Near You ~ CD

This beautiful cd uses guided imagery, meditations, poetry, music and song to help you and the person you are caring  for at end of life to be comforted and at peace. This combination of Amanda's sacred songs,  guidance, gentle lullabies and inspiring words can ease pain, stress, and loneliness. Amanda's soothing words and voice helps calm uplift and bless.

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Amanda's is a presenter on Women’s Radio Station

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