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The Big Adventure - End of Life

Amanda Waring asks in this film- "Can we change the concept of the morbidity of death and instead celebrate the transformational aspects of one's passing"

The Big Adventure



No Regrets with Elizabeth Counsell (Actor) Daphne Anderson (Actor)

A visit from a daughter to her elderly mother in hospital provides startling revelations about caring, grieving and dying

No Regrets



Training Pack - featuring “What do you see” with Virginia McKenna (Actor)

Inspirational training pack will transform your dignity and person centred care approach in your organisation

Learning Pack



What do you See with Virginia McKenna (Actor)

Elsie (played by Virginia Mckenna).makes a silent but heartfelt plea for her carers to "look"

What do you see



Home -  Virginia McKenna (Actor)

Virginia McKenna stars in Amanda Waring’s powerful film. When Elsie arrives at her new home her life will change forever




The Heart of Care: Dignity in Action

A Guide to Person-centred Compassionate Elder Care [Paperback]

The Heart of Care



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The Carer's Bible outlines practical steps, and advice, to improve the physical, emotional and spiritual care of the elderly while fostering deeper relationships between the carer and those they care for. Amanda Waring covers those topics that are often asked but where accessible answers are often difficult to find:

The Carer’s Bible



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This cd uses guided imagery, meditations, poetry, music and song to help you and the person you are caring  for at end of life to be comforted and at peace.

I  Am Near You ~ CD